fii-LO Logistics Simplified

Furniture Industries Logistics solves your shipment needs with fii-LO

With over 40 years of experience in trucking management we have proficiently executed our deliveries to meet budget and installation schedule needs. At Fii-LO we pride ourselves in economical sourcing of trucks without sacrificing service. We take out “middle man miscommunication” by keeping your shipments organized with real-time updated schedules that are easily accessible for every project.

  • Client & Carrier Focused
    Uniquely wired to provide high quality Logistics Services
  • Communication Driven
    Proactively Understanding the needs of all parties involved to ensure hassle-free service
  • Entrepreneurial Approach
    We take ownership and are vested in everything we do
  • Innovative Truckload Procuring Process
    Finding the best carrier at the best price to ship your goods
  • Partnership Pricing
    It’s more about purpose than transaction – don’t overpay for something you don’t need
  • 40 years experience handling
    “just in time” delivery understanding that time windows are crucial for construction
  • Warehouse Aversion
    Why ship and pay to store when you can have items arrived as needed?

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